Debt Collection Lawyers in Bulgaria

Many foreign investors and clients in Bulgaria search for debt collection lawyers in Bulgaria.Debt Collection Lawyers in Bulgaria

We are focused on commercial lititation in such type of cases and our debt collection lawyers in Bulgaria.

From the moment you hand your debt recovery matter over to us, we will do our utmost to collect your funds.

Acting as debt recovery solicitors in Bulgaria, have more than fifteen years of knowledge and experience at our disposal to assist you with your commercial debt collection in Bulgaria.

As Bulgarian debt collection & litigation lawyers, we work with many companies and natural persons who have problems in collection their debts in Bulgaria.

Should trade companies or individuals in our country find themselves unable to pay their debts, entities dealing with debt collection lawyers are advised to support you

We completly understand  the customers needs and questions for submitting of legal procedures required for the purpose of debt recovery.

Our debt collection lawyers in Bulgaria will be happy to represent you and your company if you need to undertake legal actions regarding outstanding debts.

Our international debt collection lawyers in Bulgaria are familiar with the local rules, regulations and trading traditions

                                                                                                                    Legal Steps for Debt Collection in Bulgaria

Debt Collection Lawyers Bulgaria

It involves simple procedures at the start and might involve legal actions, should it be required, like:

  • identification details,
  • company correspondence
  • legal contracts,
  • Legal agreements and
  • unpaid invoices.

Step one is contacting the debtor and clarifying details of the outstanding payment.

Should the debtor fail to make a voluntary payment, the next step is sending an official letter.

The regular deadline for response to this letter would be ten days from the day or receipt.

These legal procedures precede any contingent legal actions and they aim at avoiding more complicated debt recovery through legal action.

Should the debtor fail to respond to pre-legal debt recovery procedures, the next action is the ultimate remaining option.

Usually, this process involves two phases: pre-litigation and litigation.

Our law firm has extensive experience in enforcement proceedings:

Debt Collection Lawyers in Bulgaria

  • provision of a writ of execution in accordance with the Civil Procedure Code;
    full assistance for the collection of claims of natural and legal persons
  • securing claims – attachment of movable property, receivables, bank accounts, imposition of foreclosures on real estate;
  • initiating and conducting enforcement cases;
  • defense of debtors in enforcement cases – assistance for debt rescheduling, suspension and termination of enforcement;
  • legal representation and protection against the so-called „Collection companies“;
  • appeal against the unlawful actions of the enforcement agent.

If you need a debt collection lawyer to protect your interests in the enforcement process or to successfully collect the debt owed by your debtors, contact our law firm!

Our debt collection lawyers in Bulgaria provide you with full professional legal services in collection your outstanding debts

They will support you in the entire process of commercial or civil litigation procedures in Bulgaria.

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What is the debt collection case in Bulgaria?

Debt collection in Bulgaria mainly refers to the process of collecting due payments from debtors and defaulting payers. The debt collection process is divided in a few steps which can be out-of-court, pre-litigation or litigation. If the debtor does not want to cooperate you need to involve the lawyer.

What needs to be done in debt collection case in Bulgaria ?

Contacting the specialist in debt collection law and start the legal procedure for collection your debts, if all previous negotations are over

Who should I contact if i have unpaid invoices in Bulgaria ?

Hiring a debt collection agency in Bulgaria is not the best solution. In a case of unpaid invoices you just need to contact our native in-house lawyers with inquiry for collection your in Bulgarian,.

How long take a debt collection case in Bulgaria ?

It is difficuilt to say how much, if your negotatins stage is over. You need to file a legal claim against the debtor in Bulgaria and start the court process against him in the country. This will takes several monts about.