Legal Services for Financial Institutions

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D. Vladimirov & Partners – Legal Services for Financial Institutions

We have a long-standing reputation for dispute resolution and have over recent years built up strong corporate and regulatory practices which means we can provide our clients with a full legal service across our sectors of focus.

Banks and other financial institutions are an essential part in the corporate world. Our banking and finance practice has developed to encompass all manner of Bulgarian & international banks, and other financial institutions.

In the last couple of years our experience ranges from infrastructure and project finance, ship and aviation finance and leasing, to domestic finance, trade finance and private equity, as well as regulatory issues, complex accounting issues, investment fraud, and banking and finance related litigation. Clients value the in-depth industry sector experience we offer, and the significant value this can add when they have banking and finance transactions/claims.

Our legal company has got experts in the regulations determined in incorporating, registration and license of credit and non-banking financial institutions, respectively their branches in Bulgaria. Our services include:Preliminary contract Bulgaria,property lawyer in Bulgaria, conclusiuon of preliminary constracts in Bulgaria, property lawyer purchase property Bulgaria

  • Drafting of consumer and corporate contractual lending documentation,
  • Drafting of GTCs, internal procedures, statutory rules, regulations of credit and other financial bodies.
  • Structured, Commodity and Trade Finance
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Fraud prevention
  • Infrastructure and Project Finance
  • Regulatory
  • Domestic Finance
  • Restructuring and Insolvency
  • Shipping Finance
  • Overall legal services to banks and financial institutions with regard to their general banking issues.
  • Legal support in agreements and all the additional documentation related to bank accounts, deposits, bank guarantees, letters of credits, loans and others.

Here is what we can do in corporate lending:

  • Preparation and negotiation of financial contracts on behalf of lenders and borrowers.
  • Drafting security documentation.
  • Structuring of all types of equity and debt financing, including project finance, real estate finance, acquisition finance and others.
  • Preparation of financing contracts on behalf of both lenders and borrowers. Negotiations and drafting security documentation related.
  • Due diligence and thorough assessment on credit facility documentation. Check up on the collaterals and the additional guarantees,
  • Advices on transaction settlement instruments (escrow accounts, trust account agreements and others).
  • Bank receivables restructuring.

Project financing

Legal Services for Financial Institutions

Legal Services for Financial Institutions

We are providing legal analysis of different aspects of investment projects, also European financing and programs. Our company is doing negotiations over banking and non-banking financing of many different projects. Our assistance also includes:

  • defining the tranches of financing and the repayment schedules;
  • drawing-up documents necessary about to the project financing;
  • negotiating with all parties involved in the project financing – investors, financing parties, construction companies, project operators, subcontractors, suppliers, consumers of the product, export insurers, state authorities, etc.;
  • analysis and assignment of the respective permissions, licenses or concessions connected to energetics, road infrastructure, mining, telecommunications, sport facilities and others.

Legal assistance in collateral, operating and financial leasing

  • Legal advices and overall analysis according to the legislation in force and effect on:
  1. possible securing of receivables;
  2. preparation of agreements and other related documents;
  3. entry into the relevant registers for the purpose of securing receivables through pledging, registered pledges on movables etc.;
  4. mortgages on real estates.
  • Taking the actions necessary and providing legal assistance upon necessary exercising by a creditor of economic rights of a debtor.
  • Preparation of the documents and contracts needed on operating and financial leasing according to the law.