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Inheritance Lawyers in Bulgaria

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Inheritance Lawyers in Bulgaria  

Our law office assist and advise our foreign clients on all cases related to the Bulgarian inheritance law:

The scope of our legal activities include the legal search of inheritance property, determination of inheritance quotas, drawing up a will, voluntary or judicial division of inheritance, restoration of a preserved part, abandonment of inheritance, inventory inheritance, and other.

We perform inspection and a detailed search for local property, when the deceased is a foreign national and has left heirs abroad /we collect information about their real property in Bulgaria, shares in local companies, money in bank accounts, motor vehicles and real estate Inheritance Lawyers in Bulgaria

property/.Inheritance Lawyers in Bulgaria  

We present to the interested parties a legal analysis and opinion on the ownership of the inherited property according to the provisions of the Bulgarian inheritance law, as well as provide the heirs with duplicates of death certificates and certificates of heirs in Bulgaria.

The small part of our legal business in Bulgaira is advising foreign and international clients  – natural persons, or legal entities for their rights and obligations of the heir on the hereditary property inheritance by law and by will

– Advice on choosing the best way to dispose of property after deathInheritance Lawyers in Bulgaria  

– Determination of QUOTAS of hereditary shares

– Drawing up of wills, keeping them with a notary public

– Announcing a will

– Challenging the validity of a will by court order;

– Acceptance of inheritance

– Inheritance procedure before a district court

– Claims for restoration of an intact conservation part of the inheritance

– Share of inherited property – extrajudicial and judicial

– Notarial transactions

– Preparation of notarial invitations and assistance in their delivery

For every questions you have could contact us for futher information and legal advices on + 359 897 90 43 91 and to our main email

How could I find the inheritance properties in Bulgaria

The simple way is to grant us a power of attorney and the inheritance certificate of the owner. We will check the properties in the Bulgarian property register and make other legal checks in the municipality,where the owner has lived before.

How could I appoint a inheritance solicitor in Bulgaria ?

By granitng us a simple power of attorney every single solciitor could start a legal checks for