Getting Transport licence in Bulgaria

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Getting Transport licence in Bulgaria

License for international freight in Bulgaria

Getting Transport licence in Bulgaria

Getting Transport licence in Bulgaria

If you want to register a transport company for freight and want to use the capabilities of the European market, you need a Community license for international cargo. The procedure for issuing such a license for international transport is regulated in detail in Decree № 11 from 31.10.2002g. for the international carriage of passengers and cargo as well as the Road Transport Act. Due to issue the license fee is fixed in Tariff № 5 for fees collected by the Ministry of Transport.

To achieve a realization of activity freight in the first place should have a natural or legal person to have as a trader in its scope of business to include the performance of freight fee. The mere cargo can be carried out by private leased or acquired through lease vehicles. Registering dealer who will carry out this type of activity has its own peculiarities and is therefore advisable to use qualified legal assistance in registration of the transport company.

The license of the transport company is issued by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications or persons authorized by him upon the proposal of the Executive Agency „Automobile Administration“ which is a legal entity funded the same ministry. In addition to the license itself it is issued and a certified copy thereof.

How to get Transport licence in Bulgaria

There are some specific requirements that must meet the head of the business and the company itself:

  1. lagonadezhdnost – this requirement is met when the head of the transportation activity has been convicted by a final judgment of a crime of a public nature or deprived by a final judgment from exercising transport activity. Therefore, it must present a certificate or statement of conviction of the person who will manage the operation.
  2. Professional competence. One of the most – important things to be licensed to your company’s head of operations possess a certificate of professional competence issued by the Executive Agency „Automobile Administration“. You should be careful when choosing a person’s head to make sure that it is the head of more than one company in such activities as the same person holding such a certificate can manage the transport activity of not more than two companies transportation.
  3. Financial stability. How a transport company must be financially stable or not depends on how many vehicles will operate – one, two or more. For first vehicle amount by which the company must have been the equivalent of 9000 euros and for any second or subsequent vehicle – the equivalent of 5000 euros. Proof of financial stabilitythe carrier can be done by use of a corresponding amount in the share capital by incorporation of the same amount as bank guarantee in Bulgarian bank or the most popular option – by signing a contract of insurance for insurance amount equal to the size required by law. At the same time, desirable to get a license to your company has no outstanding public debts, which is certified with a certificate for the presence or absence of tax liabilities.
  4. At stanovyavane in Bulgaria consists in the obligation of the carrier to establish his point of guided activity on the territory of Bulgaria. Not necessarily the place to be owned – may be rented premises.

Compliance with each requirement must be certified by the respective documents, so it’s better in the set of documents to use legal assistance of professionals who are familiar with practical questions such license. The period in which the issue or refuse to issue such a license is 30 days from the date of filing the documents. If a document is missing or there is any irregularity in the documents submitted, the deadline for their removal is one month from the receipt of instructions from the ministry. License issued in as many copies as there are vehicles themselves, that is if there are three vehicles will be issued one license original and two certified copies of the same license. The deadline for issuing a duplicate license (eg if lost) is 7 days from the application.

The mere license is not unlimited – it is restricted for a period of five years. If the carrier wants and after the expiry of the license to continue to operate the same activity should do so before the request expires already issued his license. The special licensing is that firms carriers must meet numerous requirements of the law, not only when applying for the license, and during the entire period until exercise that activity, because otherwise risk their license is revoked.

If there is a change in name, address or any other circumstance in relation to the shipper, it shall notify the issuing authority within 14 days of the change.

How much is licensed for international transport is the last important question in connection with the above procedure. State fee for issuing international license for cargo to 2017 is 500 lev Other more significant expenses associated with renting a garage and a contract signed with service (except in the presence of their own) and some other minor expenses within several dozen lev. It should finally be borne in mind that the large fines imposed on companies carrying out the above activities without duly issued license.

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