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Family Lawyers in Bulgaria

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Divorce cases in Bulgaria

We are acting as custody & family lawyers in Bulgaria.  Usually we support our clients for all circumstances from divorce procedures and custody rights Bulgaria.

We are Bulgarian lawyers in family law who resolves any legal problems and relationship’s conflicts based on marriage, kinship adoption, guardianship and tutelage.Divorce cases in Bulgaria

Every experienced family & divorce lawyer in Bulgaria will inform you that there are two ways to get a divorce in Bulgaria – by mutual consent or by irreparable distortion of the marriage, if both spouses are Bulgarian citizens. Child custody Lawyers in Bulgaria

Тhe Bulgarian legislation  and Family code is applicable with the appropriate Council Regulation (EC) No 4/2009 on jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement of decisions and cooperation in matters relating to maintenance obligations


As Family lawyers in Bulgaria we recommend to our clients to do a divorce by mutual consent.

If both spouses agree to divorce, the court shall grant the divorce no requirements for any further investigation on the justification for the decision to end the marriage. Divorce cases in Bulgaria

In order to complete the divorce procedure in Bulgaria, both spouses have to settle on the discharge of parental rights, personal relations and child alimony, the matrimonial home and property relations, spousal alimony and family name.

In case of divorce, we prepare the documents necessary for the court where we shall protect the interests of our client & the childrens in the family.

Preparing the divorce agreement is one of the easest way for solving a divoce issue between the both partners in Bulgaria.

If they are not protected, or if the settlement is not complete, the court will set a term and within this term any and all faults have to be eliminated. If the problem is still pending after this term has expired, the divorce application shall be dismissed.

Our legal cases require an involvement of a legal professional. If you need a reliable family & divorce lawyer in Bulgaria, you can contact our Bulgarian legal team and our lawyers will provide you with all the information you need.

Divorce due to disruption of marriage

We, as Bulgarian lawyers in family law, do inform our clients that a divorce due to disruption of marriage may only occur if one of the spouses does not enter the divorce procedures in Bulgaria on his/her own volition.  Divorce cases in Bulgaria

Any of the spouses may file for a divorce in Bulgaria, if the marriage has been irreparably disrupted.Divorce cases in Bulgaria

If the court has approved the divorce procedure in Bulgaria and if the disruption of the marriage has not been caused by one of the spouses, then the court may rule ex officio.

Furthermore, the court in Bulgaria will not proceed to rule in favor of the divorce if the breakdown of marriage has been caused by the misconduct of the plaintiff, if the other spouse wishes to preserve the marriage.

After the divorce in Bulgaria, if the matrimonial home could not be used separately by both spouses, the court will rule regarding it in favor of one of the spouses.

The children’s interests have to be protected. If the marriage does not involve any minor children, and if the matrimonial home is the property of the responsible spouse, then the court shall have the right to grant the spouse who is not responsible for the disruption of the marriage.

The last can use the home for a limited duration.

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