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Most of our clients search a legal advises concerning purchase of properties in „off plan“ stage. They need to get a proof the buidling will be completed. The most important on every off plan purchase is to get the  USE „permits“, called Certificated for completed construction – Act 16  from the building companies.

This means any consents, permits, verifications, licenses, acts and protocols during the construction works, legal reports andregistrations, necessary for starting and completion the construction works for the Site and its entering into exploitation.Property & construction advisor Bulgaria

Our legal team in Bulgaria supports foreign clients in handling today’s complex issues, construction process, utilising our industry knowledge and local experience.

We are legal team, who supports our clients, for knowledge of construction fields,  experience and resources, to develop and innovate our services and to provide Bulgarian and international companies with advice and assistance tailored to their strategic and practical needs.

This a quite risky, if you do it without expirienced lawyers. Usually there are several things, which needs to be checked. Our construction lawyer would like to suggest you a small list of this checkings, if you would like to be prepared with the constrution companies.

Purchase an off-plan projects &  property developments

  • purchase an off-plan projects &  property developments in Bulgaria concerns a properties, for which no Permit to Use (Act Form 16) have been issued.
  • The regulated stages of an off-plan development are set forth in the laws and regulatory documents. A non-exhaustive list of documents follows below:
  • Our law office works on issue on planning permission/design Visa – this authorizes developer to draft architectural designs and construction plans for development in accordance with certain statutory parameters for building height, construction density, building layout, etc.
  • Construction permit – it entitles the developer to start the construction according to the approved architectural, construction technical plans
  • Opening the construction site and designating the construction line and level (Statement for Start of Construction)
  • Certificate for completion and approval of shell-and-core construction (Act Form 14)
  • Certificate acknowledging the compliance of the construction with the statutory rules (Act Form 15)
  • Permit to Use (Act Form 16)
  • We do not recommend to buy an off-plan projects &  property developments without Construction Permit. This is completly unacceptable.
  • In practice, a typical transaction for buying off-plan developments involves two stages: signing of a preliminary agreement and signing of a title deed in the presence of a Bulgarian Notary (Notary deed). The transfer of property is completed with the signing of the Notary Deed.
  • It is advised that the payment for purchase of off-plan property shall be made in installments, and all installments shall be paid after the completion of the relevant development stage and obtaining the statutory certification document.

We do not recommend to start a property projects in Bulgaria, without a professional legal advisor, expirienced in such type of real estates aquisitions & property transactions in Bulgaria.

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